The #1 thing that the World all has in common since the Pandemic has been inflation, we are not immune to the business challenges of the world that inflation has caused.   From a Network Marketing Distributor point of view it could mean that they may be getting more objections on potential customers sharing they can’t afford to buy a product or products or join the business.

Well a strategy that I have used very effectively for years is when I get this type of objection, I then ask them in return “I can show you a way where you get the product for free and or reduce the cost of the product drastically, would you be open to me showing you how to do this?”

By asking this question I

#1  find out very quickly the person is really not interested in the product and they are just giving me an objection that is really not the truth.

#2 or they are telling me the truth and they are really interested in buying the product

So the next step is you take them through the process and I will say something like “Have you ever watched a movie and you loved it so much that you shared it with a friend and because of your recommendation they went to see the movie.   Well it works the same way here in NHT Global but unlike that movie theatre or producers of the movie, NHT Global will send us money when we refer people to the products…. I am sure you know a lot of people who are business minded, entrepreneurial and or people who feel health is very important to them.  I will  help you share the product  and or business with them through our strategies and marketing tools and when they enrol as a customer and or a business distributor you will earn money for that referral, which you can use to purchase the product.  Do you have any questions on this or are you ready to get started with this plan…?”

It is as simple as this… Keep in mind this person’s warm market now becomes your warm market.  We always will get better results in working warm markets than a cold market because of the relationships…

When you have people ready to get started with the product and or as a distributor then you go back to the person and say “these people are ready to get enrolled its time that we enrol you so you can starting earning money on these referrals.”

You will be amazed at What happens during this process because of the fear of loss in most cases these people will find a way to get the money for their first product order knowing full well they will receive money from their referrals and potential for more in the future…

Sending you lots of great energy with this strategy….

Have an awesome & successful day,