Joe started his Network Marketing career in 1993, his Global Organization has entered into more than 60 countries and over 2 billion in accumulated sales . His travels has taken him to more than 60+ countries around the world training hundreds of thousands of people. He has a passion in helping people increase their conscious level and help them believe God really does not make junk!

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Personal STORIES

Elena Kazurova
I met Joe Garcia over the phone or via Skype after I signed up for the company. And immediately I felt involved, interested in me as a partner of the company,
Today I am well aware that Joe appeared in my life as an example of how to love and support everyone and that it is very important. Joe not only has infinite unconditional love for everyone, he is a very strong and wise leader-our friend and mentor-Ambassador!!!
Trainings from him are always filled with major content and great energy!
It is an amazing motivator for further achievements!
Joe, a huge thank you that you appeared in my life as a friend, mentor, senior partner, Top leader!!!
a Huge thank you for your support and your many travels to Russia in helping grow my team.
Moscow, Russia

Andreas Papakostas
In today’s world, it is more important to surround yourself with those that don’t change their character based on how much money they make or what rank they achieve in any business. It is important that you WATCH and EXPERIENCE people not by what they say but what they do on a consistent basis. It is an honor to call Joe Garcia a business partner, a mentor and a friend. I have met and work with many “LEADERS” in many industries around the world. Knowing someone who cares about elevating your level of consciousness for your benefit is a true blessing. It is hard to describe someone like Joe Garcia because there are people that describe others with similar words and the comparison is not even close. INTEGRITY, CONSISTENT, SOLUTION ORIENTED, CARING, ABUNDANT, MISSION DRIVEN, INSPIRING, BALANCED, FAMILY ORIENTED, PRINCIPAL BASED… Everything you look for not just in a LEADER but in a person. We need more Joe Garcia’s in our world. I have developed personally, professionally and financially working with Joe Garcia and wish I aligned myself with him much earlier in my life. Joe, Thank You!
Chicago, USA

Oscar Melo
Joe Garcia, wonderful person who came to change my life at the exact moment, in addition to being a great Mentor, for me he is a friend, a brother. Ambassador, who motivates with his life example sharing their teachings and dreams.
Querétaro City, Mexico

Sonya Reddy
Ive known Joe Garcia since 2014 and even though he is thousands of miles away in Canada (I live in Ireland) He has been right there by my side helping me build my business since the day I met him. Joe goes beyond the call of duty and is probably the most supportive person I have ever met. No matter what I ask (and Ive asked really stupid questions over the years) Joe has always been patient and given me as much help not to mention his time to solve whatever problem Ive had. Ireland is a small country with a small population but Joe has been to Ireland many times already to help me with my business here. No Team is too small. Joe supports everyone. I love Joes outlook on life and his values especially his commitment to his family. Ive been lucky enough to meet Margaret his beautiful wife who has also been to Ireland and Ive met both Joe and Margaret in the many other countries Ive been to as a result of this business including Hong Kong and California. Wow I could talk about Joe forever. An incredible person who set a goal for himself and achieved it and now helps others achieve theirs. He is an amazing person, an incredible mentor and will always help you focus but more importantly than that Joe is a true friend who will be there for me (and you) forever. Thank you Joe Garcia for being in my life. You have made me a better person.
Dublin, Ireland

Aditya Mishra
I have been working in this industry for 8 years now.5 years back I started looking for a home out of desperation because I knew that something was seriously missing. I spoke with couple of people and reviewed different opportunities. but I still remember my first call with Joe where he talked about how the prosperity and abundance is attracted in life. Then in that moment I realised that I found a business opportunity and a leadership group where I am going to spend rest of my carrier.I never ever have regretted even for a single moment about this decision of working with Joe. Somethings money can’t buy and the correct leadership is one of took me 5 years to get the leadership of Joe but it’s worth it. the only thing I think is that I would have been luckier if I would have got it much earlier. In every situation, thick or thin I know I have a friend and a mentor who is there to help me and my team and celebrate the success with us. I am thankful to God for the leadership of Joe. May God bless him more so that he changes more and more lives.
Pune, India

Jamie Messina
In 2006 I set-out to find a business without any business training or experience. I instinctively knew that I needed more then just a business. I needed to find a mentor, someone I could trust and lean on for support as I learned and built my business.
Instead of finding a business I found a lifestyle. With that came not only with a business mentor, or like-minded entrepreneur, but I found myself a true friend in Joe Garcia.
To this day Joe continues to amaze me with his vision and ability to navigate new and challenging times. To define mentor, friend and successful entrepreneur, a smiling picture of Joe is all you need. Thank you, Joe for all you have done for me, my business and most importantly the lessons I have learned from you to support my family.
Toronto, Canada

Garth Wright
WOW! Joe Garcia! In the decades I have known him he has never wavered from his commitment to help his people achieve their greatest potential. A man of the highest integrity in business, family, health – all. You could not work with a more inspiring and supportive leader. Choose JOE GARCIA!
Prague, Czech Republic

Jose Lopez
JOE GARCÍA is a great human being and MENTOR who teaches by example and not by theory, who works from the heart and CONVICTION and not by emotion. I consider him a friend and a brother as he has helped me transform my life and that of my entire team. Thank you very much JOE for everything.
Trujillo, Peru



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