A few months ago I had a great amount of feedback on my post about getting UNSTUCK. The predominate question that I had was why do consistently become Stuck in my business?

It is the underlying assumption that
we don’t have what we need. It is the idea that we’re missing
something. We need more of everything – you name it, we need it:
more time, money, better tools, better energy in our presentations, better websites, a quality working partner, etc….
Without these, we tell ourselves, we can’t do what we want to do.

This perception that there is something missing or we don’t have
what we need to create what we want in our business is the biggest source of
unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the business world today. It is also the
greatest lie we tell ourselves. It causes us to dream about
“becoming” something big in our business to reach the top rank, to hold out for doing that one big thing that will explode our business,
that is so big that we can’t see a way to do it, let alone get started.

We have fallen in love with the idea of becoming more than we are,
and that very belief keeps us stuck were we are. We are on an
endless search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow the millionaire we always wanted to become, all
the while not realizing that we are standing on the pot of gold.

Many people travel their entire lives on this journey, believing
they will find true happiness when they finally get somewhere when,
in fact, they are lost right where they are.

The reason people find themselves getting stuck is because they
don’t think who they are is enough – enough to coach people how to become successful, enough to become the great Leader, enough to move hundreds and thousands of people on stage, enough to recruit quality people, enough to reach the top rank in their Network Marketing business. This causes us to resist the way things are for the
way we want them to be in the future.

Before you can create your future, you have to accept the way you
are right now. You have everything you need right now to explode your business and reach your goals and dreams. GOD DOES NOT make JUNK!!!! Think about it………….

Your friend and business partner,

Joe Garcia