Traveling the Globe, working in the trenches for many years now, helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world, you name me the experience I most likely have gone through it. These experiences have given me a very unique clarity, on many of the principles of the Laws of the Universe and particularly the LAWS of developing a long term residual income in Network Marketing. I have been blessed to see things so clearly that it has enabled me to be a better Father, Husband, Coach, Business Person, better all around human being.

This type of clarity and where it comes from reminds me the story of Fred Smith the Founder of Federal Express and the incredible amount of struggles he had in the beginning.

He had such a hard time getting enough
cash flow to make payroll that at one point
he “raided the family’s trust fund without
his sister’s permission.” (He was sued for that.)

For a while, he met payroll by borrowing money
from a bank in Chicago that kept him going until
one day they refused – “That’s it, Fred. Sorry.”

This is where the story gets rather astonishing.

After being turned down, he was headed back to
Memphis with a heavy heart, knowing he would
have to tell his employees he couldn’t pay them.

Standing in O’Hare airport, he “noticed” a
departure for Las Vegas. He took the company’s
last $5,000, jumped on that plane, and, well,
the rest is history.

Needless to say, they made payroll and are
still here delivering packages to my door.

What happened that day in the airport?

And whatever “it” is, wouldn’t you like to
have it, too?

I certainly did many years ago until the experiences I have mentioned above gave me the clarity of this question, you see I have come to realize when you really

have a 100% detailed focus on your DREAM where you can “Taste it”, “Feel It”, “Love it” where distractions are stomped on, their is a clarity or knowing that your DREAM is just a matter of time.

Where do you get that knowing – build enough reasons why you want that why? Most importantly believe in your heart that inside of us is a higher self connected to everything that is, religions of this world have called it the Holy Spirit, The God Center, Universal intelligence, etc…

When you truly build an understanding and awareness of this power you have you will become unstoppable.

Now go after that DREAM by creating action, like I have done everyday of my business life, which will bring you similar experiences that I have had, which will give you the same type of life changing inspiration that Fred Smith had that day from his higher self.

MY motto has always been God Does not CREATE JUNK!!!!! Think about it……..

God Bless,


Joe Garcia