The Universal Law of Gratitude. Have you heard about it? This is one of the main reasons I am where I am today. Let me explain…..
“He who would be blest, let him scatter blessings.” – Above Life’s Turmoil
James Allen wrote this line to make his point about sowing and reaping. I’m going to use the line to make a point about the power of giving thanks, of having an “attitude of gratitude.”

The Bible, Talmud and all the great world religions include the power of gratitude in their teachings. In the Koran it is written that “If you are grateful, I will give you more.”

Indeed, sometimes it’s pretty amazing the way the universe rewards those who are grateful. It’s almost as if the Creator says “he’s thankful for what he has, let’s give him some more.” And the opposite can also appear to be true. As if the Creator says “he’s unhappy with what he has now, so let’s not give him any more.” Sincere gratitude seems to unlock abundance in our lives.

Numerous scientific studies indicate people who are thankful for what they have are happier, have better relationships and enjoy better health — the only reasons you need to have an attitude of gratitude. But there are practical reasons too. In one study the participants who had been in the gratitude condition reported having made more progress toward their goals.

Americans gather this week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday but this message is for those of all nationalities. Gratitude and Thanksgiving aren’t just once a year or even once a month things. Spending time each day giving thanks for the blessings in your life (and everyone has blessings they can count) is a great habit to develop.

Jeff Keller, author of Attitude is Everything, says, “It costs you nothing to be grateful and appreciative, yet it has a considerable impact on the quality of your life. So, don’t waste another minute. Every day, reflect on the priceless gifts you’ve been enjoying. Openly share your gratitude with others. And, the next time somebody asks if anything great happened to you today, you’ll have plenty to say!”

Everyday I have gotten in the habit to give thanks thus one of the main reasons I consistently get fantastic results, I am certainly making sure I am taking nothing for granted. Are you?

I am grateful for you!


Your friend,

Joe Garcia