There are 2 types of builders in Network Marketing!!!!

 Now and Later Builder!!!!



A “Now” Builder is one who is consistently drawn towards pleasing activities, immediate gratification and pleasure, they are some of the greatest recruiters in the industry. They are spending money as fast as they are making it. They have a very hard time building when things get tough when momentum disappears, they end up disappearing….
Loyalty and commitment are their weaknesses.

A “Later” Builder, on the other hand, is drawn toward pleasing RESULTS instead of pleasing ACTIVITIES. They often have less than pleasing activities in the moment. They invest their time in taking care of their health, working extra hours to accomplish a worthy goal, reading good books, taking additional training to improve their lives and their business. They hang out with people who can stretch their thinking, they themselves follow through, take action, take risks and are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Their strengths are loyalty, commitment, empathy…. When the going gets tough they get tougher this is when their leadership abilities are defined….

Which of these two groups of people do you identify with?

Beware of becoming seduced by taking the easy way of the “Now” person. They are very prevalent in society and Network Marketing…

Mastery of long term residual income comes to those who are willing to accomplish less than pleasing activities in the moment that are necessary for the attainment of a long term goal.