One thing that most all human beings want starting today January 1 is a better year than the previous year especially in the financial department.

There is a exercise that I have done which has been a Game Changer.

It will help you review 2023 and take your to the next level in 2024.

Answer the following questions take your time to really get the most out of this exercise ..

  1. What you want and why!!!  Without a destination in your life it’s not possible to grow and succeed .  The first thing we do when we get into our car is log in the details of Google/Apple Maps GPS.

If we don’t know the destination the car will just go in circles your life will be the same way.

I would recommend to read my book or reread it again as it will help you define your why and help your awareness on this area – Your Best Year Ever – Available in Japanese, Russian, Spanish, English, Swedish, Hindi, Chinese

2 – What are your highlights over the past year?  This will help you focus and be grateful for the good things that happened….

3- What were your struggles and why?  If we continue think the same the way and do the same things we will continue to get the same results.  This will help you see your patterns that don’t serve you… 

4 – What did you learn about yourself and what daily action habits can implemented to grow & reach my Business Goals and thus my Financial  Goals?  Nothing new happens in life with out change.   Success can be attributed to the daily habits that make huge difference in our results.   

For example setting a goal you will share the Product and the Business once a day, everyday for 2024 for most this would be a Game Changer in results.  Another example would be if you in 2023 were doing 30 minutes of personal development a day and changed it to 1 hour a day,  just doing that extra 30 minutes a day how much more would you develop as a person as a business person….?


Wishing and Praying that you have your BEST YEAR EVER IN 2024….