June 23, 2023 I celebrated my 30th year full-time/all the time in this great industry of Network Marketing.  Looking back over the numerous milestones, defining moments, beautiful travel experiences, leadership challenges, growth challenges , record breaking sales, betrayals, a pandemic, nearly arrested a few times, numerous country launches, long life friendships created, hundreds of thousands of photos taken,   thousands of lives changed & altered in health & wealth all because I made a decision.   I can’t imagine another industry that I would have chosen that would have even come close to these massive, epic, outstanding, fantastic, emotional, gratifying experiences..

To honour my journey and to help my fellow peers in the industry I have put together a top 11 list of what I have learned in my success journey.  I hope this helps reduce your learning curve on your journey to the TOP!

1 – I fell in LOVE with my DREAM my Why my Purpose without this vision I would never have manifested my DREAM and made it to the top in my business and continue to stay their after more than a couple of decades..

2 – I made a 100% commitment (my mantra was “I shall Persist until I succeed” Og Mandino)  right from the beginning I would never think about quitting it was this decision that allowed me to overcome the rejection, the disappointments, the betrayals the leadership challenges , momentum loss challenges.    I can honestly share I have never quit on anyone, never quit on my organization or quit on anything in my life.etc…  This is what true commitment looks like….

3 – 2 of my top 5 values in life  Loyalty, Consistency(discipline) has served me really well.   I became consistent & disciplined in the money making activities A – Sharing the Product B – Sharing the Business C- Teaching others to do the same everyday.   My consistency had me sprint past 99.9% of my industry peers no matter how much massive action they created. The universe has paid me back on this numerous times over the years.. Loyalty see #2

4 – Its not possible to be in momentum all the time in business, My leadership skills and me as a Leader of my organization has been defined & challenged most when momentum was no where to be found, where most leaders quit and move on.  Its when I stepped up to the plate even more as always and consistently lead by example…  

5 – The best thing that I ever did with my mindset was I looked at the world as one country I chased the business where ever it took me.  If you are not building a Global business today you are missing out on one of the greatest wealth paradigms in the world and in the industry of Network Marketing.  Its another form of multiple streams of income.

6 – Most things our organization learn are caught from you rather than taught

7 – #1 reason organizations fall apart is due to Leadership mistakes

8 –  The Greatest Personal Development Program did not come from any book, training, coaching program  etc. it came from me traveling around the world (Now well over 60 countries) building teams from scratch.  Nothing will prepare you for this and GROW you MORE!!!!.

9 – Trust is at the core of any successful organization, you can do everything right for 10 years, 20 years always following through with your promises but if you screw up once where you break a promise or you do something that is not integrity driven you will pay a massive price for this..  Your organization will fall apart no matter how big it is…

10 –  I have always treated people in my organization that they are the most special person in the world to me at that moment.  I have never turned down an autograph a photo, I always return my texts, my emails, my phone messages no matter who it is…  You are never too successful to follow through and be attentive on the little things because if you don’t you eventually will pay the price for this…  Being recognized with Respect is one of the core needs & wants of people

11 – No matter how great technology has evolved and will continue to do so , and the pandemic has proven this, there is no greater tool in Network Marketing nothing comes close in advancing the business & building a long term Global organization than live events.    Technology cannot duplicate the feelings the emotions the energy when human beings get together….

If this list resonates with you please share it and pay it forward…

With Love & your future success,