I was reminded the other day about the addiction of “MOMENTUM” that I see in this industry of Network Marketing and it’s not uncommon to see it in the Entrepreneurial world…

Anyone who has had any experience as an Entrepreneur in the Network Marketing industry with momentum it’s an exciting place to be, we feel unstoppable, growth comes easy to us, people are entering in your business at a record pace, rank advancements increase and thus our income grows, the rush of excitement sends these endorphins to the pleasure centre of the brain that we want more and more of it.   

For most Network Marketers who are experiencing Momentum for the first few times they believe its going to last as their income grows their spending habits grows not preparing for when Momentum stops and that my friends is not logical, life happens even the largest company’s in the world have had times of very slow growth, loss of growth etc…

We have all seen the social media posts of leaders in the industry who  bombard social media with this excitement shouting out to the world how great the momentum is until one day soon enough those posts simmer down to basically nothing and then a few months or year down the road you find them promoting another company and product searching for that feeling of momentum all over again….  I have actually seen leaders in the industry blatantly promote themselves as “Start Up Specialists” which basically means when momentum stops in a year or 2 they are on to the next Start Up.

So here is where the ADDICTION to MOMENTUM can be a huge detriment to your longevity of being a successful Entrepreneur in the industry.    As I shared above when we experience major growth there is a tendency to increase lifestyle as incomes grow and making financial decisions based on Momentum then when it stops, and there is many reasons why this happens, and many times we as leaders are responsible for this, that’s for another post…..  

When the downtime in business happens commission income drops and this is where Network Marketers who over indulged in the spending department without having a saving investment plan start to get concerned and there mind based on the financial pressure starts to focus on the wrong things in the business, blaming the company, the products , their team not working etc… as this continues they are yearning for that momentum again so they can support their lifestyle that the MOMENTUM created with poor lifestyle decisions and that’s when the weakness in their thinking becomes a major issue as they start looking at what they are seeing on social media with MOMENTUM Posts of other company leaders and then eventually due to their commissions dropping, due to that addiction of momentum they move on thinking the grass will be greener on the other side that maybe that company will be in momentum forever.   

I have seen many talented entrepreneurs in this industry fall in this cycle of Momentum Addiction where they have gone through this cycle not once not twice but three , four, five times and more and now are out of the industry back in the job world or having to do side hustles like Uber etc… just to make ends meet….. or sadly pitching another business wishing for that MOMENTUM TO COME AGAIN with the same marketing hype words they use the previous 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6 + times

  • this company is in major momentum going to be the next billion dollar company
  • Timing is everything in business get in the ground floor as this is where the big money is made in Network Marketing
  • in 5 – 10 years you don’t want to be telling yourself that you missed the timing of this Giant
  • this one is a category disrupter millions and billions will be made
  • this has never been done before in the Network Marketing industry this company will change and be the unicorn of the industry ……….
  • Lock-in Your Position on Our Powerline, Binary, Unilevel, Australian one up, Chinese  Crazy 5 down Matrix” Millions will be made without you working & sponsoring!!!!

  Imagine if they would have in their first or second etc. company fight through this period of slow growth or stagnation and built it again into momentum for long term growth where would they be…..

If only I could have been the words of wisdom for them when times get tough this is when the real leadership steps in understanding that there will be dips in the business life happens; to consistently get into a daily routine of simple disciplines of sharing the product and the business and working on yourself daily that will create long term results…. 

Creating a long term successful business is not easy, but you will ease much pain in your business and life if you stay consistent with your daily method of operation and when sales challenges arise in your business this is where you need to step up as a leader don’t get distracted and consistently stay focused on your DREAM.   

There are thousands of stories of successful leaders in this industry all around the world that fought through the pain of a dip in business over and over again to create another momentum in their business by consistently sponsoring new teams and new customers and have won long term financially in this great industry of Network Marketing.   How do I know this as I am one of those leaders……



You can always tell the “QUALITY” of a leader and the longevity of a leader in this industry by judging them not when they are in MOMENTUM but judging them what are they doing and leading when business is not in MOMENTUM….

Have an awesome and productive Day… I hope as always this has given you Value.