My Ebook on Manifesting…..Your Best Year Ever in just a few short months since its release it has tens of thousands of downloads which you can get it here available in multiple languages..

I have received many questions regarding the Manifesting system I share in the book… The question I get most is “Joe how do I increase the speed of my manifesting what I want?”

Here is my thoughts on this question…….

Increasing Energy Speeds Up What You Manifest

Our thoughts create reality but not every thought of ours manifest with equal intensity. Strong thought forms and fleeting through forms have corresponding manifestations in reality. Idle thoughts have no sustenance in the effect that we experience. When you want to experience certain desires more tangibly and permanently, you must focus your thoughts into experiencing them as part of your life. The more you breathe, dream and live your DREAM, the faster and more powerfully it will show up in your universe.

The more attention you channel into an area, the more results you get at a faster rate. Attention is mental life. What you focus on is where you give life to. Neglect causes a thing to wither away and die. Some of our successful projects start declining and failing when we take our focus away for too long. To keep our dreams alive, we must keep feeding them with our thoughts and actions. When you focus a lot of your attention on something for a prolonged period of time you create lots of results in that area.

Everything is energy. Even time and space is energy. Some people seem to progress faster by spending more time on doing certain things and less time on other things. The reason why this is the case is not because of time, but because they are simply concentrating energy more in that direction. Someone can spend less time doing something and yet still accomplish more than another who spends more time on it because the first person is spending energy more efficiently than the second person. It is all about finding vibrational balance in your life. The more fulfilled you are in the way you live, the more fulfilment you will attract and the better your energy will be. Time and space are illusionary but their essence can be seen as energy.

So therefore in synopsis the more energy and thus time you put into your DREAM no matter how many distractions come up in your life you will speed up your manifesting of your DREAM ……. Believe me though in saying when you fall in love with your DREAM (Love is the highest form of energy) the distractions in life become less and less and the universe will respond faster quicker and better to Love than anything else……

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