It was 1996 3 years into my entrepreneurial journey I was on a small cruise ship touring the Islands of Toronto with a number of my Network Marketing colleagues. As I was enjoying the beautiful Toronto skyline from Lake Ontario a gentlemen and I started to have a conversation. After a bunch of small talk he turned to me and said “Joe I have been in the industry now for 10 years truthfully I have never seen anyone who has grown more than you”and then we were called into the cabin for Dinner.

At the time he clearly meant this as a compliment however, I could not help myself thinking over Dinner wow I am no where near the person I want to be especially my business goals were yet to be achieved…I must have been really really horrible when I started..

Frankly I probably was on a scale of 1- 10 a minus 10 however, what I had going for me was I was in LOVE WITH MY DREAM!!!

So keeping this in mind how I broke through is I practiced everyday on my mindset and the basics of the business. Take a look at anyone you know in life that has excelled I can guarantee what made them excel was not God treating them special over anyone else it was their ability to practice everyday on their craft.

PRACTICE DOES MAKE PERFECT, but to put in the PRACTICE you definitely need to be in LOVE WITH YOUR DREAM. I would never ever have put in the tens of thousands of hours of CONSISTENT PRACTICE if my VISION MY DREAM WAS NOT CLEAR AND MORE IMPORTANTLY IF I WAS NOT IN LOVE WITH my DREAM……..