Top 11 What I have learned in 30 yrs in Network Marketing

June 23, 2023 I celebrated my 30th year full-time/all the time in this great industry of Network Marketing.  Looking back over the numerous milestones, defining moments, beautiful travel experiences, leadership challenges, growth challenges , record breaking sales, betrayals, a pandemic, nearly arrested a few times, numerous country launches, long life friendships created, hundreds of thousands … Read More “Top 11 What I have learned in 30 yrs in Network Marketing”


I see so much suffering in the world all because of MONEY!!! MONEY to most creates so much anguish so much stress so much negativity that people kill for it, marriages fall apart because of it, people steal because of it, family’s fight over it when a loved one dies…. Churches close, even doing what … Read More “MONEY!!!”