Its February 1994 and I am 8 months into my Network Marketing career. I was quite proud of myself of what I had accomplished up until then but I was looking for a GIANT QUANTUM LEAP in my business.
I was an incredible student doing everything my mentors had told me because I was HUNGRY I was ALL IN 100% my work ethic was up their with the top achievers. I was doing the massive action thing, I was doing the consistency thing, I was reading countless books a month, I was listening to at least an hour a day of personal development, I was attending all local meetings and I personally was doing 1 home meeting a week.
But there was still something that I felt I needed to do to experience that GIANT QUANTUM LEAP in my business, I could just feel it. I went to my mentors and each one of them told me I was doing all the right things and over a period of time I will see the GIANT QUANTUM LEAP happen.
Although I believed in what they had to say due to my extreme ‘WANTING’ I was in LOVE with my DREAM I knew there was something more that I could do.
I went to bed on February 3rd 1994, my extremely pregnant wife asked me for a massage and a thought came to me, why don’t you ask your subconscious what the missing piece is. So that night before I fell asleep I asked the question. “What do I need to do to experience this GIANT QUANTUM LEAP?”
I woke up in the morning and the answer came to me. I found that I was still living in my comfort zone with so many things in my life and business. So I decided that day to go knock on doors and sell and recruit. It was something that I would never think of doing. It was beneath me.
February 4th was a freezing day I had an excuse not to go out that day but I was committed. I picked a neighbourhood in the next city to mine and I walked to my first house shaking and the door was answered by a woman, I smiled before I got any words out and she asked me to come in. I did my sales pitch, She was nice listened intently but said I will think about it.. Nice way of saying no… Door after Door I experienced massive rejection but something took over with in me I saw a vision of my future…
It was incredible day I faced my fears I did not sell anything did not recruit anyone and the experience was incredible rewarding.
That day led me to a GIANT QUANTUM LEAP in my business, I realized I could do anything I commit to 100% nothing was going to hold me back. No excuses, no distractions…..100% unstoppable.
So my question to you today is what is holding you back from getting out of your Comfort Zone? When you face your FEARS and get out of that Comfort Zone you will become unstoppable as long as you ARE IN LOVE WITH YOUR DREAM!!!
How do I know that because it happened to me!!!!!!#giantquantumleap #majorgrowth #Timidsalespeoplehaveskinnykids