One of the Challenges in the Network marketing world is most of our distributors have the wrong mindset when it comes to money.

More importantly they are stuck in always thinking small.

So let me ask you a quick question.

Have you got the mindset for making money?

If you do, you’ll flourish in your business and more likely to earn millions.

If you don’t then you more then likely have a poverty mindset.

That means you’ll continue to struggle in your business, or reach a certain level of income and you seem to never get past that level no matter how hard you try, possibly get into more debt
and or have the inability to reach the top levels in your recognition plan.

With a poverty mindset you make the wrong choices,
never have enough money and watch your bank
account continue to shrink.

You wonder why you can’t make more and have more. You are sure you are talented, you are giving more value.

When you compare yourself to others that are earning the money you tend to say I am better more skilled then them why then am I not at their level.
You think those who have plenty of money are lucky.

And you’re not one of the lucky ones.
You believe that maybe you’re just not meant to have money.
That you’re meant to struggle.

And so it gets harder and harder to make more money.

This is what a poverty mindset does.

It sends the wrong instructions to your subconscious mind.

Instead of creating wealth, your subconscious forces you
to lose money and continue to struggle.

You don’t want this, but without realizing it you’ve
developed a poverty mindset.

Now you’re used to it.
So it gets harder and harder to change things or dream bigger. Habits are hard to unlearn. Goal setting becomes an impossible exercise.

Well I have to let you in on a secret this is why the industry of Network Marketing is incredible, it is the difference maker.

You don’t have to struggle anymore with money or your business.
You don’t have to live with a poverty mindset.

You can go from having little to having more than you need by dreaming bigger and reaching your goals and achieving the lifestyle you want.

Yes you can have more and make more money.

And you will…

When you have a wealth mindset.
When your subconscious mind is focused on making money.
When you believe that you can and will have more money.
When you get rid of the blocks that prevent you from
making and having more money and this is done when you surround yourself with the right environment the right team the right mentors who can help you in this process.

Unfortunately most people are not in the right environment the right team thus your default position is you don’t believe.
And if you’re not making as much money as you want in your biz
then you don’t have your subconscious focused on making money.
Instead, your subconscious is focused on
making less or even losing money, and focusing on what you don’t want, the struggles in the biz etc…
It keeps creating blocks that stop.

And that’s only because you keep telling your
subconscious that you want to struggle.

But that’s not what you want.
You’re just giving your subconscious the wrong instructions.

Today I am telling you that you can turn things around.

Today you direct your subconscious mind to
bring you more money and more wealth by surrounding yourself with the right environment the right team the right mentor.
This is the starting point that will allow you to start getting to the conscious level where you are sending the right instructions to your Subconscious.

When I first learned this because of my environment I starting to experience that my subconscious was bringing more and more wealth.
I learned to give it the right messages on a consistent basis.

So how is this done well there are many techniques but the major starting point as a Network Marketer is your environment, when you surround yourself with the right people(the right team – mentor), the people who have the wealthy mindset who are living their dreams, that are walking the talk you will start to become like them, you will start to program your subconscious the right messages.

One last tip, I really believed one of the major reasons why I have created an incredible life is when I started in this industry from day one I communicated daily with my mentors particularly my mentors that had the lifestyle I wanted, in many cases I chased them, every chance I had the opportunity to be around them I was there. This insatiable desire to be like them to have the lifestyle they had I knew that the more time I spent with them I slowly would end up thinking like them and thus changing my inside world would lead a dramatic change to my outside world.

It is amazing how many business partners over the years that I have worked with that I know were struggling with this mindset, rarely chased me down, rarely took the initiative to communicate with me, frankly based on what I have shared with you in this post is a major error in judgement.

Don’t hide behind the computer if you are struggling, you need to change, you need to communicate more with your mentors chase them even if it is too say hi, be aggressive. Please don’t take my advice lightly!!!!

You are a powerful person.
You can have the wealth you want.
You can make as much money as you want.
Start directing your power today.

See you at the Top