3rd Party Follow Up

3rd Party follow up and validation is perhaps the most important part of your Network Marketing business. It’s a subtle, but powerful element of your Business.
Psychologists call this element social proof. What it means is that people are more likely to do something if other people are doing it too. The more testimonials your prospects hear, the more likely they are going to say “yes.”


Conference call
Company publications
3-way calls
Product – Business Testimonials
Local business presentations
Websites – Training websites
Branding sites – Your own or upline Youtube channel
Branding info (anything that adds to the credibility of you or your business partners)
i.e – Photos or videos of Company trip promos, photos – videos of your or business partners lifestyle
videos of conventions etc…..

Using third party is a simple thing to do. When someone has been presented the business, the next thing you want to do is introduce them to others doing the business.

After they see your main tool that you use to show the business i.e website, recruiting video etc.., , the next step is to do a 3-way with one of your upline business partners or even sideline if needed. The proper way to do a 3-way call to most can be commonsense, however, most 3-ways are not done properly. Here’s what should happen in a 3-way.

Step 1) Distributor calls prospect with upline business partner

Step 2) Prospect answers and Distributor introduces themselves and asks if they have a minute(this is critical, they may be in the middle of something, if they don’t set up another time with them)

Step 3) Distributor edifies the upline like ‘Bob I would like to introduce you to my business partner she is extremely successful in _______ and does business all over the world.'(Best practice – discuss with your upline business partners how they want to be edified on the call) The purpose of edification it builds
the credibility of that person with your prospect. The prospect immediately thinks they are talking to an expert. Make sure you do not miss this step if you do the call I guarantee won’t in most cases go as well.

Step 4) Upline tells their story and background ( again this is critical remember stories tell facts don’t). Upline takes care of their questions & tells more stories about product, company etc..

Step 5) Upline asks for close. “Do you have enough information to get started”

After a local business briefing, take your guest around and introduce them to other people in the room.

Have your prospect tap into a conference call (webinars) or to recorded video testimonial so they can hear from others who are in the business. Again if you are not doing this you are missing one of the best tools to close a prospect.

Even if someone wants to get started, then immediately connect them with others who are in the business.

When you watch the professionals in Network Marketing, they are constantly introducing people to others.
Even at major events, they are introducing their leaders to other leaders. The third party validation happens throughout the entire life of your business.

Follow-up is a critical factor in your business. Too many times, people get someone to the website or go to a meeting and they never contact them again.

It’s responsible.
It’s professional.
It’s accountable.
It’s critical.

The fortune is in the follow-up. Remember that. If you are contacting a lot of people, but you are not getting results, it’s probably because of your poor follow-up.

Remember all you need to do is invite the person to hear from other people. The third party follow up will explode your business!

“Never, never give up and never give in. Tenacity and toughness are taught. Those who persist win!
The wolves are always out there prowling around for strays, preying on the unsuspecting and weak.
It is true that a smooth sea never made a good sailor! Never promise more than you can or are will to give.
Never give anything but your best. Never give up or give in.”

Have a prosperous Day!!!
Joe Garcia