Due to my Global business I have been fortunate
to travel to multiple countries, I am actually closing in
on 50 countries. No matter where I have gone,
the number one struggle that I consistently see is the struggle
of money.

Making more money is on everyone’s minds & wish list.

Affirmations is definitely something that has worked for
me and countless of others that I have mentored

Affirmations like:

“Money flows to me easily”
“Money comes to me from different sources”
“I open myself to abundance and wealth”
“I receive wealth and abundance everyday”

I coach my team to not only state these affirmations, but also write them down,
and put them all over the place to remind you
that you’re manifesting wealth.

Does this simple exercise work for everyone well I wish
I could say yes.

Well let me share with you why it may not work for you.
You think about making money and you wonder
why you’re not getting ahead.

Then the negative thoughts come up… thoughts like:
It’s hard to make money.
There are no good ways to make money.
I have to work hard and give up too much.

Then you go back to thinking about manifesting
wealth and you work with the affirmations
again… but still nothing changes.

And it never will.

At least not until you change what’s on your subconscious mind.

When it comes to making money or manifesting
wealth you’ve planted instructions on your subconscious mind.

Those instructions are your thoughts and beliefs
about money which are wired to your subconscious.

It simply follows those instructions.

So even if you want to manifest wealth, and
even if you say your affirmations, nothing will
change until you change the wealth instructions
that you’ve planted on your subconscious mind.

As soon as you do that you’ll begin to truly manifest wealth.
You’ll attract the right opportunities to make money.
You’ll meet the right people who will help you make more money.
You’ll make the right choices.
You’ll manage your money better.
And you can do that as soon as you change the wealth
program that’s on your subconscious mind

You want to manifest wealth.
You should manifest wealth.
You keep trying but when nothing works
it’s a clear sign that you have a number of blocks on your subconscious mind.

These blocks prevent you from making and having more.
They need to be removed.
They need to be replaced with clear paths to manifesting wealth.

And you can have as much as you want and even more.
Simply remove those blocks that prevent you
from manifesting wealth.
Get rid of the negative thoughts and negative
beliefs that stop you from making more money.
Get your subconscious mind to bring you
more money and manifest wealth today

So to help this process along I recently uploaded a training on my
Team training site I did on this very topic.


When you get to this page scroll to the bottom and click
on 1 of Joe’s Success secrets (last training on that page)

You can make the kind of money you want.
You can have more.
You can attract and build more wealth.
You don’t have to struggle.
You don’t have to work hard to make more money.
You don’t have to sacrifice everything…
Believe in yourself and get your subconscious mind
to create the wealth you want and deserve.

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Thank you again


Your Friend & biz partner

Joe Garcia