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All the best in 2013…

Making 2013 your best year ever

I put a lot thought and effort on my last post of 2012, I hope you know it is coming from a place deep down in my soul!!! It is my longest blog post but entirely worth the read, I guarantee you. Enjoy!!

How do I make 2013 my best year ever? Around this time of year I am consistently getting this question. To me the question is really easy to answer but probably not what you expected. To make 2013 you need to change your philosophy, change your Paradigm.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

James Allen began his book with that aphorism more than eighty years ago. As a student of the power of thought – I
believe the book is more relevant today, than it was when it was first written.

In my first number of years in this industry,
I used to think the most important things to teach my people were prospecting and training strategies. But I couldn’t understand why after they learned them, they didn’t do something more with them.
Then I came to realize that there were all sorts of mental blocks holding them back.

Fear of failure, low self esteem, fear of rejection, feelings of
unworthiness, and the biggest one–fear of success.

I came to understand that to build a large growing network, it was critical to include a personal development program in the equation.
So now, I work on helping people discover and put into action
their innate personal power. This is what has the potential to
transform your business and life. Thus the reason I launched

It’s pleasing to your ego to assume your group is not growing
because of outside factors and other circumstances. It’s very
convenient to blame your lack of progress on your company’s compensation plan,
the price of the products, timing, the area you live and a host of other external factors.

But the truth is, you are reaping the results of your thoughts.
Your suffering is the result of your negative, greedy or lazy
thoughts, just as the blessings in your life are the results of
your positive, kind and loving thoughts.

This is an immutable, unshakable universal law…

You cannot change your thoughts without changing your life. In either direction. Fortunately, you can pick the direction.
You follow the thoughts you allow yourself to be dominated with.
Program your mind with Jerry Springer and reality TV and you’re certain to lead a life of victim-hood, lack and limitation.

Program your mind with the fertile stuff of “As a Man Thinketh,”
“The Magic of Thinking Big,” and “Think and Grow Rich,” “Science of Getting Rich” all which can be
downloaded for free on and you’ll
be walking the highway of strong and high endeavor. Just as
planting an acorn will grow an oak tree, planting positive thoughts into your subconscious mind will grow you a Great business and a life, of
wonder, harmony, happiness and success.

It is common for people to think that they will attract what they
want. Unfortunately, this is not true. You actually attract what
you ARE. And of course, you are what you think about. The whims, desires and even strong passions you have can quite easily be thwarted by the thoughts you have about them.

Last month, I ran into a friend who works as a clerk on the
graveyard shift. After our conversation
I suggested He visited my training site site. I suggested he read the books on the site along with watching some of our webinar training’s.
After devouring the site, he mentioned that he was trying
to create a vision for the future as I suggested – but all he could see was cracked mirrors. He asked me what I thought would cause that.
I replied that the likely causes were watching too much TV (he
nodded), reading the daily newspaper instead of positive books (he nodded again), hanging around with negative people (now he’s nodding furiously), or all three.

‘Busted,’ he says.

Like a lot of people I know, he wants a better life, and often asks me for advice on how to get it. I used to give these people copies
of “As a Man Thinketh” and suggest they read it. I discovered they never found the time. Then I switched to giving them the name, and suggesting they buy it themselves. Most never get it. They spend so much time in thoughts of negativity – being a victim – they don’t release those thoughts and replace them with thoughts of self-improvement.

It’s a chicken or egg thing. They don’t buy the book because they don’t have positive thoughts. They don’t have positive thoughts, because they won’t read the book.

You will find a lot of parallels in your business. You need to
believe you’ll be successful or you won’t be. But you have to
believe it before it happens. Most people fail because they can’t keep this positive frame of mind until they actually manifest success.

They start out believing it, or at least thinking they do. Then
one of their people drops out, a presentation goes bad, or their
first guests never show up to the presentation.

They don’t realize it then, but this is the absolute turning point
of their career…

They will see these things as a challenge to be overcome – or an insurmountable obstacle and quit. If they accept it as a
challenge, they build character and persevere. Until they get a
little success. Which gives them some more positive thoughts –
that build their belief – that lead them to their next success –
which builds their belief stronger. They are on a win/succeed

If they view the situation as an insurmountable obstacle,
subconsciously they will look for validation to fail. The economy is too bad/good, the town they live in is too big/small, or it can’t work because their sponsor is a no good bum who just wants to make money off them/a superstar with special powers that can’t be duplicated. They are on a lose/fail cycle.

Each of these cycles will provide evidence to support these views.
Which is one reason why it is so critical to feed your new people positive programming and protect them from lack programming their first few weeks in the business.

Because of the negative programming they receive from TV, radio, movies, the media and their families – most people will doubt their beliefs.

I learned some years back, that if I wanted to be successful, I
knew I’d have to get even more serious about policing my thoughts and being sensitive to how I feel.

If you feel bad this is typically your internal guidance
telling you that you are off track. You are focusing on the wrong things.

I have also increased the time I spend reading self-development books. I can’t even remember when was the last time I saw a prime time television show. I put my negative thought radar on “maximum” and I won’t let it down again.

To really understand all this, you must accept that you are exactly where you are by the law of your being. As James Allen tells us,
the thoughts you have built into your character have brought you to where you are.

He says, “Man is buffeted by circumstance so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow,
he then becomes the rightful master of himself.”

He goes on to tell us that our minds are life a garden, which can be intelligently cultivated, or allowed to run wild. In either
event, it will bring forth.

If you plant and tend your garden, it will produce flowers or
fruits, the things you cultivate. If you don’t plant specific
seeds, then animals, wind and other elements will cause random things to fall into it, producing an abundance of weeds and wild vegetation, likely to choke out useful plants. One thing is certain.

Something will grow in your garden.

Just as a gardener must tend his or her plot, keeping out the
weeds, you must tend the garden of your mind, weeding out the thoughts of lack, limitation and negativity. You must nurture and tend the thoughts of happiness, success and purpose.

If you practice gardening of this kind, you will soon discover that you are the master gardener of your soul. You will come to the profound revelation that you are not the victim of your
circumstance – but the architect of them. For it is the thoughts
that you give precedence to that shape your character, create your circumstances, and determine your ultimate destiny.

Please read that last sentence again.

The outer circumstances and environment of your life is directly connected to your inner state. The most important thing you can earn about success, prosperity and happiness is that thought and character are one.

No one wakes up one day in prison, or divorce court, or the
emergency room. Nor do you just wake up one day with a small group, a lack of leaders, or people who do nothing. These things are all the direct result of the thoughts you have had up to that point.

Now if you are like most people, this is the part where you start
to mentally make excuses for yourself…

You believe that what I just said is true for other people most of
the time, but you are quite certain that you have been the victim of extenuating circumstances beyond your control.

I know. Your situation is different. You’re special…

OK you’re allowed to think that. For a while.
You don’t simply end up in jail, the crack house or bankrupt,. No
more than you simply wake up rich, successful, happy, and healthy.
All these circumstances are the result of thousands of little
decisions, which are reached as a result of hundreds of thousands of thoughts. The thoughts you give precedence to.

So just how does that work?

Translated to today and your business…

This means you may attribute your problems, challenges and setbacks to “outside” circumstances. This is escapist mentality, and keeps you in victim mode forever. Once you realize that you control what you attract – and you do this by the thoughts you give precedence to – you can and will achieve true freedom and prosperity.

This comes about from having belief. Belief in networking
marketing, and especially yourself. But how do we go about doing that?

Well we know that our vision drives us. Now perhaps you think you don’t have a vision, but everyone does. But some people have a positive vision, most have a neutral vision (getting through until they get their paycheck on Friday), and many others have a negative vision (Expecting bad things to happen, believing things like you have to get in at the top, you have to have money, a higher education, or other limiting beliefs like that).

Your programming creates your core beliefs. And your core beliefs determine your vision. The scary thing is that your vision on life and success was probably hard wired into your subconscious mind by the time you were ten years old, as a result of your early childhood experiences, the TV shows you watched, the books you
read, the videos games you played, the movies you went to, and other programming.

These core beliefs shade the way you see everything that happens to
you for your entire life. They determine what you expect, and thus
what you actually manifest. There is an undeniable link between
your programming, the core beliefs that programming creates, the
vision you develop for yourself, and then the results you create in
your business- and life.

This will likely put you on one of three possible cycles. The
cycles are:

1) The Midas Touch. Everything you touch turns to gold, platinum,
or Prada.

2) The Flat Line. Every day is Groundhog Day, just getting by in
your life of quiet desperation.

3) The Bottomless Pit. Your life is in a constant downward spiral,
each drama, trauma, and tragedy leading to the next.

Changing your programming, changes your beliefs, changing your
beliefs changes your vision, changing your vision changes your
actions, and changing your actions changes your results. It’s a
change reaction process that can lead you to success.

So what are some of the things you can do to start this?

Start each day with 30 minutes of positive programming, by reading
inspirational self-help books or listening the self-help audios.
Build up your consciousness before you even leave the house, so
that you attract positive outcomes.

Become a student of Network Marketing. Commit to lifelong
learning, developing your skill sets in this amazing profession.

Be an active participant at your company – and team-sponsored
events. They build belief like nothing else. These events will
get you “over the line” and then nothing will deter you from your

Evaluate the people you spend the most time with. Dial down the
time with negative people and increase the time with positive ones.
Stay away from cynics.

Build a “Prosperity Manifestation Map,” which is a big poster with
images of things you want to do, have and become. Put it somewhere
that you will see it every day. This will program your
subconscious mind to achieve these things.

Once you have a solid routine to feed your mind with positive
input, you place yourself in a prime state to apply all of the
other things we’ve discussed. You will attract more positive
people. Your invitations and presentations will become more
compelling. You’ll have stronger influence on your team. And the
duplication will come naturally.

Well there you have it, develop this philosophy and implement what I have shared with you daily and you will have a great 2013.

God Bless,

your friend and partner
I believe in you!!!!

Joe Garcia


P.S I would recommend you revisit this page and read it over and over again as a weekly method of operation plant these seeds and act on it and your life will change guaranteed…..