In 1998 5 years into my NM career I was starting to see my Dreams come true all was good and then the company started to struggle with cash issues which created back orders on products and a plethora of other challenges.

So the President of the company decided to have an interactive conference call with all the top leaders to give an insight on what was going on along with the solutions moving forward. 

By the 30th minute mark I started to wonder if I was on a another “company” call, I could not believe the amount of negativity regarding even the smallest of issues. I truly thought that all these other leaders were crazy as their perception on what was going on was so detrimental to their business, to their life… and so totally different to mine. I started to wonder for a brief second if my Perception was completely wrong and I was the crazy one as I certainly was in the minority …

21 years later all these leaders except for me and 1 other person, very talented people who were 6 figure income earners are for the most part no longer in the industry. That is what I call a clue.

This was a major Defining moment in my career I could have easily bought into the “majority” thought process but I did not, thank God I did not as the universe had even greater abundance and prosperity coming my way . 

Perception is an interesting concept the way we see things will certainly be a difference maker on what we attract in our business and our life .

I never buy into negative opinions especially if they have a dooms day thought process behind it. 

I only see prosperity, abundance that everything will always work out. In 1998 most of those leaders told me that I had my head in the sand that I was the crazy one. 

Well time either promotes you or exposes you. 

Predict your future by seeing only abundance and prosperity and that every challenge every situation is the universe working in perfect order to fulfill your DREAMS.