Recently I had a conversation with one of my Global Leaders regarding her feeling stuck in the business and her life. She went on to tell me that she feels that she is taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I am sure most of you can relate to this feeling of being stuck.

I want to help you understand why so many
of you feel stuck and like you are struggling…

Many of us are stuck due to the fact you cannot see past your limitations. When we live in the bottom of our
limitations we believe that what we see
is real and we become trapped by an awareness
of lack and struggle.

AND because we are surrounded by many
other people who are also trapped by their limitations, our beliefs and the beliefs
we are surrounded with are also limited…

It becomes really difficult to
believe in the possibility of freedom when all you are focused on is your limitations. And when
all you can see from your limited vision is
restriction and limitation, you live in a state of
survival and that’s when you get stuck.

Now, here is the good news, you can get out of being stuck by expanding your awareness.

The key to staying unstuck is
to permanently change your beliefs. And you
can do this consciously and deliberately.

[You can take back your power.] You can free
yourself from the limitations and start to remove your limitations!

It all begins with awareness. Start by becoming
conscious of who you are listening too. Are you
listening to people who are living in struggle and effort people who are stuck like you? Pay attention and
your consciousness will begin to shift immediately.

Lastly go back to the basics with regards to your Personal Development, read 30 to 60 minutes a day, go back to some of the books that resonated with you in the past and study them. It’s amazing what happens when you reach this awareness, of looking at changing some of your beliefs with regards to Limitations, and replace them with Prosperity and Abundance beliefs. Furthermore just a reminder to stop listening to the wrong people, your path to whatever you want in life will soon come to you very quickly.

To your great blessings,

Joe Garcia