I thought I would take the time today and play some mind games with yourself. Love to hear your comments on this post.

You probably already know what this letter is about. You’ve seen it coming, I know you have. It’s about us, It’s over. I’m leaving you!

I’ve hung on as long as I could, you’ve got to give me credit for that. I mean, the way you swept me off my feet and talked lovingly about the future we would have together. I have waited so long for your embrace, your attention, and your love.

Why have you neglected me? Why have you made so many excuses? Your inaction, and addiction to procrastination is tearing me apart. I simply must move on!

For years, I would get so excited every time you talked about the business we were going to start, the places we were going to visit, and
the home on the water where we could watch the sun set every night.

My heart would pitter patter every time you talked about me to other people, only to be let down once again because you were afraid.
What are you afraid of? It’s only me! I am your hopes, dreams and goals. I wanted you as much as you wanted me, but you leave me no choice. I simply must move on!

Please do not attempt to talk your way out of this. The years of indecision, and lack of discipline tell me everything I need to know. If you really, and I mean if you REALLY wanted me, you would have found a way for us to be together.

I am tired of having my hopes get so high just to have the rug pulled out from underneath me. I simply must move on!

Time is marching by without us, and my greatest fear is suddenly becoming visible on the horizon. I am so afraid that we could come to the end of our lifetime and never have the chance to really know one another. It breaks my heart to even entertain this thought, but I simply must move on!

Like the Genie that grants three wishes, I wanted to give you what your heart desires. All I wanted, needed and called out for was your attention, your devotion and your willingness to work hard for me. If that was too much to ask for than I’m sorry. I simply must move on!

All things of value must be earned, and I’ve grown tired of your excuses and lack of patience. On numerous occasions, I was within your grasp, but you quit too soon. Why did you leave me when you were so close?

I only know you from a distance, I’ve watched you look at other people who have achieved their goals, and wondered if your ticket would ever get punched.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; everyday, I would call out to you; “I am your goal, here I am, come and get me!”. I’m curious, did you ever hear me? I would repeat this day after day, month after month and year after year. But now, I’ve grown tired of hearing that the timing is not right, that you’re tired, or that someday you’ll get around to it.

Well, I think it’s time that I get around to it myself and find someone who is committed, focused and proactive. I simply must move on!

On behalf of all of your hopes, dreams, goals and desires; there is something you should know about us. We will never fail you, nor will we ever let you down. The main reason why we have not embraced one another is that you have failed us by not taking action! Why?

I trust you have found this lesson to be insightful, disruptive and motivating. Listen to your heart, follow your dreams and remember you are closer to them then you think.

Your friend,

Joe Garcia