I have spent most of my adult life helping people accomplish their DREAMS, this is what is so great about the industry Network Marketing.

Working and training Hundreds of thousands of people over the years all over the world and indulging my lifestyle with Personal Development I have come to believe their is really one major challenge with the Self Help field. Don’t get me wrong I totally believe in Personal Development feeding and planting great seeds into my mind on a daily basis. I teach it with a passion and it is the foundation of my Global Organization, it is the foundation of my Life.

The challenge really stems from the belief that we as human beings are not good enough right now, thus feeding into the mindset that the next book, cd program, seminar will be the difference maker, the major breakthrough that we have been looking for all our lives. Frankly the Personal Development, self help, next major internet tool/software etc… thrives on this belief. This type of thinking and belief system actually is counter productive to your personal development. We all know people who pour their energies into seminars after seminars book after book and this continues to be a pattern but they never or rarely see improvements in their areas of their lives. In the Network Marketing industry this leads to distributors moving from one company to another, thinking financial success is outside of themselves, that the next company/business model will make them rich. Most come to realize that the grass is rarely greener on the other side.

One of the greatest foundations of all religions which goes back to the Old Testament is “That man was made in the likeness of God” To me that represents a Major – Gigantic – Huge foundational belief that we all as human beings have it all within ourselves to be successful, the tools, the brains, the ability to manifest etc… we don’t need anything else. We basically have the ability to do anything and accomplish anything no matter where you are in life right now. GOD DOES NOT MAKE JUNK!!!!

Just think/meditate about what I have just stated. Look at the advancements just in our lifetime, look at what we can do today in building our Network Marketing business – on a consistent basis I am calling into a meeting room somewhere in the world using my video cam on skype sharing my story like I was literally in the room, where I am seen on the big screen by prospects and members and all this technology costs me nothing. This blows me away thinking back when I first started in the industry in 1993 where calling long distance at dollars a minute into a meeting room where on the other end they were listening on a speaker phone that was difficult to hear. Can you imagine in 1993 we thought the Fax machine and VCR was the greatest invention ever for our business.

A few years back I was with a number of leaders having the time of our lives driving ATVs through the Sahara Desert in Africa and a family of Nomads invited us into their humble home for a drink which consisted of a tent. When I walked in I happened to notice a teenager speaking on his Iphone using Iphone Facetime communicating on video with a relative overseas. It was very surreal experience one of those WOW moments, think about this, a family in a tent in the middle of nowhere and one of them communicating by video on a mobile phone. Yes this all started with a thought by an individual or the collective consciousness of individuals that bought into this belief that I am sharing with you “GOD DOES NOT MAKE JUNK” we have all the tools available to us now to get what we want in life.

Go out today with this awareness in building your business to greatness and let your personal development, that next book, cd program and seminar simply remind you that you are Great, you are Incredible, you can succeed NOW you have everything you need right NOW to build a life of your DREAMS. More importantly start teaching this belief to your teams, plant this great SEED and your HARVEST will be a legacy of changing the lives of people through your Great Network Marketing business.

To your success,

Joe Garcia