Authenticty and integrity has become the buzz word of the industry of Network Marketing.  Every where you look Facebook lives, blog posts,  live events, leaders and distributors alike are sharing their views on being Authentic.    In fact I have seen leaders share their views on this topic of Authenticity and integrity and have BDA’s that blatantly given themselves a different business opportunity than the ones they are selling to the masses…  If you don’t disclose it are you being Authentic or integrity driven?

Lets face it, human beings for the most part embellish when they sell.    Network Marketing is no different infact its always been a staple of this industry.    A well known talk show in the USA did an hour show on this very topic in the industry.  I found it very funny due to the fact I realized for the most part it was accurate..

Even at the corporate level you see companies recognize leaders for qualifying at top ranks when if you do a little investigating they were positioned in the organization…  About a year ago I was watching a video promo of a new company that launched over a year, the owner was sharing his religious beliefs over and over again regarding Jesus and he must have stated the integrity word at least 10 times in the video…  at the same time he was allowing integrity issues involving the compensation plan to happen in his company from day 1..      I am sure he means well but as human beings we tend to view Integrity and Authenticy in many areas of our life sacred but for the purpose of growing a business or increase the bottom line we look at it differently and let it slide….

The paradox of it all Integrity and Authenticity is the key major foundation to building a long term residual income.  Its the cause of most organizations and leadership downfall.

Today due to technology we cannot hide any longer time will expose you very quickly…

So what do you do to be different?  It starts with getting people started (which is the most important training in the industry) tell them the truth that average people don’t make money that if you want to earn a  min 6 figure income or full time income you need to learn how to become a 5 % and all 5% are “ALL IN”.

No need to embelish anymore Network Marketing has revealed itself as self evident.    If the luxury cars, big houses are not your thing read the Millionaire next door and you will have an appreciation that you can be you and thrive in this great industry of Network Marketing.

Your friend,

Joe Garcia…