Why are so many of us struggling?

Because we have forgotten WHO WE ARE.

Who we are is our True Self that is always connected
and one with Source Energy (God).

On the other hand, who we THINK we are
is how we show up in life.  If we are struggling we will never be
who we are.   Let that sink in for a moment.

Who we THINK we are comes from listening to other people rather
than listening to ourselves.  Earlier on in my career before I truly considered myself as a leader, I believed what others told me to believe.   I learned early that what
other people think of me is more important that what I think of
myself.   At least this is what I thought.

Living on purpose and working towards your goals and dreams is about focusing on WHO
YOU ARE and what you can do in this moment.   It is not about who you are not, what you cannot do, and what you don’t have.

WHO YOU ARE is everything. It is the ONLY thing that really matters
because everything hinges on your ability to be yourself and to do
that you must become intimately aware of the false beliefs you have
about yourself and about the way life works.

When you live focused on your dreams and goals You are connected with Source Energy you
know you already have what you need.    People who live this way are more than just positive thinkers – they are
attraction in action.

They accept life is not always easy and doesn’t always follow a
straight and convenient path.   They let life unfold through them
instead of putting their life into a box of expectations.

Your greatness is not dependent upon anything you accomplish.
You don’t need to prove anything to anyone – even yourself.   I am
here to tell you one thing – you and everyone that comes in contact
with you are already great.   To live your greatness, you must know
WHO YOU ARE and you must do what you can do in THIS MOMENT.   Nothing else
is required.   When you come to this awareness you will be unstoppable.


Your friend and biz partner,

Joe Garcia