A Couple of years into my Network Marketing career I stumbled upon a defining moment in my business that changed everything I realized instead of gearing my coaching and mentoring in teaching just the basics I started to focus on helping people raise their consciousness.  When people in your organization raise their consciousness they will always figure out how to do the rest.  When you have a team that is focused on personal development and you build that within your culture great things start to happen.  A community of greatness will spread like a wildfire.

Here is the challenge in this process is most people habitually are focused in the “rear view mirror” which prevents them from growing their Conscious level.  It’s like bending a hose the water will never flow, this is what happens to your success energy if you don’t break through this destructive habit.

Focusing on the way you want your life to be when things are not
going your way in the present moment, is not the easiest thing to do.
But if you have the determination to focus your attention especially in your business as your want it to be, rather than as it is, your
income will change dramatically.

When one understands this power of focus on today in the moment you will begin to notice the universe will start to respond to your desires, little coincidences that are not a coincidence appear you will then start to let go of everything
and anything that is not part of your new vibration which is your focus/Your DREAM..    I can clearly go back into my life and see life changing moments for me where when I got in this mindset I let go of grudges, mistakes ,ex business partners, complaints,  ill wishes, bad behaviour etc…

At this point you will start searching for the things that serve you, you will come up with great new ideas, your thoughts will build momentum which will be evidence of the new you!!!!

The greatest blessings I have received in my NM career is the number of countries I have visited (more than 50 now) probably have trained into the hundreds of thousands, these experiences have really led me to believe we are here to create as Creations of God and we are definitely worthy of every idea that comes to US.   God Does not make JUNK!!!

There is no greater creator than you and no greater reason to create than the things you desire in your life.  Believe me the closer you get to your “source”  which expands when you Fall in Love with your DREAM,  the Greater Joy you will experience in your Life.

So your source your internal guidance system, holy spirit whatever you want to call it will tell you that you are off track by how you feel.  My desire and my passion is to help others think enough of themselves to feel good and do whatever it takes to feel good, that way you will have the ability to manifest your DREAM fast despite whatever is happening around you.

With every thought you think and with every desire you give birth
to the universe expands. And it is only through your joyous quest
that all is possible.

God Does Not Make Junk!!!!

I love to hear some feedback on this post it is a little deeper that I wanted to get.  I hope this resonates with you at the highest level and you follow your path to JOY, abundance, Prosperity…..

Joe Garcia…….