In early 2014 I was interviewed  by one of Europe’s top selling business magazines Money/Profit Magazine the article  was featured in their October 2014 issue. The following is the transcript from the interview. Enjoy!!!

– Your company is successful, operating globally. What is the recipe how to do good business?

Well this is a question that I certainly cannot do justice in just a few lines. Ultimately a successful business is operated by a person who definitely understands right to the detail what they want. From my experience this is 90% of the work. When one understands what they want in great detail and spends majority of that focus on this eventually they will achieve what they want! This is the starting point of all achievement.

– Some publications say that system of Network marketing is unique because man could succeed only by helping the others. What is truthful on it?

Network Marketing is the essence of capitalism, in the corporate world in upper management your goal is to keep your job or better yet get a promotion which usually means you are taking someones job. When training your subordinates you definitely are not encouraged to teach them all you know because they may end up taking your job.
In Network Marketing the goal is to develop a high performance team by helping others achieve by teaching them all you know and if you don’t have the ability yet there will be business partners in the system that will help and duplicate this process. Unlike the corporate world you want to have people in your team surpass your skill sets, become better than you because this will mean you will make alot more money. So you see the more people who achieve in your team the more money you will make, this is why I stated that Network Marketing is the essence of Captailism.

– You travel around the world. How do you harmonize the professional life with the personal life?

I love this question due to the fact that this is an area that many business professionals, entrepreneurs etc… struggle with. One of the great assets of the Network Marketing industry is our focus on Personal Development, I understood when I started in the industry for me to make more money, to reach my goals and dreams I needed to get better. I needed to spend my time on what will help me on a daily basis to achieve my dreams. So I immersed myself into self help books and cd programs which allowed me overtime to get to a conscious level which helped me in balancing my time. Don’t get me wrong this is an area that you consistently need to work on especially a person like myself who is always focusing on getting better and helping more people around the globe. One of the things that I have done over the years when I have travelled is have my family join me which is all part of this balance.

– Who is the inspiration for you? Why?

I really don’t have that 1 person that has inspired me, I am a great people watcher and I have taken great things from people who have inspired me in their own little way and applied it into my life. For example my father who has battled diabetes and won due to his incredible daily discipline which never wavers, my business partner Dan Catto www.dancatto.com who was my first mentor in the industry inspired me by his great attitude and work ethic. My wife Margaret for her selfless devotion to me and our kids., I can go on and on.

– It is rumoured, that more successful man has more work and therefore less time. Is it true for you?

I can see that happening in many industries the great part of my Network Marketing Global business I get paid whether or not I work. My business does not depend on me, due to the fact I have built a massive business that pays me residual income. So I can take a month off, and not worry about employees, business headaches, etc… that you would have in a traditional business. When you develop the necessary skills in our industry which takes time, the lifestyle due to the residual income I make is like no other, this is called total freedom.

– What is relax for you?
One of my other passions is coaching soccer I have been doing this for 13 years. I also play soccer competitively and other sports. Spending time with my family is definitely 1 of my priorities so as a family we love to travel, I find this so relaxing uplifting and it definitely recharges my batteries.

– To catch the costumer´s attention is more and more difficult. What works the best in today´s world?
It is important today as a marketer, business person that you need to focus on solving problems for your customers and future potential customers. When you learn to do this effectively this will definitely seperate you from your competition. For example I have a friend of mine who took over his family’s floundering jewelry business. So he came to me for some help. Since my friend was a diamond expert I had shared with him that he should start a course in teaching people everything he knows about diamonds. He was so concerned over the business going bankrupt he could not see how this would help the business. I told him to trust me. Starting from a room in the back of the store he had a few people show up the first week, by the 4th week it grew to 30 people by the 6th month he had to hold the course in Hotel rooms. Well to make a long story short, due to the fact he was offering his course and sharing his expertise for free he started to build trust, the word started to spread and when these people who attended the course wanted to buy Jewelry who do you think they went to. Yes my friends store. In less then a year his store was one of the top stores in the entire state.
Solve a problem you will never have a short supply of customers!!!!

– The Internet is a big challenge for marketing and marketing strategies. Take it from the other hand. There is a lot of and various types of advertising – can internet harm advertised products or services?

Internet is the greatest invention known to man kind ever. It is another powerful tool for business people when used correctly can be a difference maker.

– You assume that in five-ten years Network marketing earns more than ever before. Why do you think it?

LOL You will have to come to my seminar in Bratislava this is exactly what I will be talking about. Bottom line the internet has changed the way we do business, and in the Network Marketing business it has created so many new opportunities around the world and most importantly because of these trends the industry is where Franchising was in the early to mid 80’s, there will never be another time like this in Network Marketing Globally
– Has globalization influence on it?

It is a combination of things but I would definitely say yes.

– Your second firm Steam team deal with business and financial independence. Is the financial independence always conected with the business one?

www.steamteam.ca was a site I created to help train my team. One of the challenges you have in a massive global team is getting the right information and proper and consistent training to the team . This is why I developed this site to allow people to get trained from their home or office. One of the great advantages that the internet has provided us.

– What is business independence and how to reach it?

Recently I read a book where the best selling author Malcom Gladwell (The Tipping Point – Outliers) talked about the 10,000 hour practise rule. He had shared in the book a number of success stories like Bill Gates, professional athletes etc… when they started to succeed in their field they had approximately 10,000 hours learning their craft . Unfortunately the masses only see the success they don’t really know the time these people put in to help them become successful. I would say when one reaches the conscious level by working at their field every single day focused on what they want, never thinking about quitting putting the time in (10,000 practise hours) they will eventually achieve the business independence. One last important thing that I want to share with you, is the Law of Association do not underestimate the power of associating yourself with the best in your field. Particularly in Network Marketing this is a huge difference maker in accomplishing your goals.
– When people reach the destination, they start to stagnate. Why?
They stop growing they stop doing what they did on the way to the top. The universe is a perfect universe if you don’t respect the Laws of the Universe it will teach you a lesson.

– 41 people from your organisation have income about one milion dollar. What is the secret of this success?

If I were to look back at all these people who came from all kinds of backgrounds Farmers, Accountants, Single mothers with no work background, housewifes etc… I would say that they had a dream a big enough dream that prompted them to focus so deeply everyday on that dream. They understand what they focused on the most in their life they will attract. They understood the 10,000 hour practice rule. They understood that they needed to consistently surround themselves with winners. They understood to never quit on their dream to make a commitment, that this is it, they will make it work no matter what.
Keep in mind for many of them this was a process, but because of what we teach as an organization, they started to believe. When people understand how really powerful they are, as human beings they will become unstoppable.