Just this past Valentines weekend I was reflecting on how incredible the women in my life are.  My wife Margaret, my mom, mother inlaw, sisters and business partners. 

I always wondered how my mother no matter how busy she was with 4 kids, she always got things done.

– Women are happy jugglers.  Sales requires engaging in
a multitude of tasks simultaneously, playing many varying roles concurrently and having the strength, stamina and ability to keep an eye on it all.

My mom, my wife Margaret, my sisters, and the women leaders I have in my Global organization,
all of them can be considered Superwomen!

The Superwomen
designation came about because of their ability
to do it all:





These talents make them seem invincible and unstoppable in life. Just watch a women in the course of a normal day.  A women will take
care of her 4 children in an inspirationally masterful way. She deals with problems and crying and complaining while motivating them to get their colouring books and listen to music and do their homework, like a conductor guides a symphony.
She will do all this while she offers you a seat, handing you a cup of coffee while directing you to the website of the product she is taking to you about.  The phone will ring, she will excuse herself while she answers the phone, watching her children play,
smiles at you and answers the callers questions and takes there product order, at the same time that she is pulling the baby out of the plant and handing you some more information that you wanted to see.

Have you ever seen those really advanced jugglers perform? They can keep a banana, a chair, a stick of gum, a bowling ball and a flaming sword all going at the same time with incredible ease. I equate that type of juggling (juggling things of different natures) with what is required in network marketing.

You see, being a successful Global  entrepreneur will require juggling not only many different people, but many different people in many different aspects of the sales process.  A sale normally consists of a series of steps, and chances are you will not be on the same step with every prospect at the same time.
First you must understand the basic elements of the sales process 
PROSPECTING – All  leaders in the great industry of Network Marketing  develop a proficiency in prospecting. This
involves networking, nurturing referrals, keeping up with past leads and finding creative
ways to broaden your prospect base………test, test, test your different approaches to lead

CREATING A RELATIONSHIP – making yourself the kind of person whom your organization wants to be associated with. This is more than product knowledge, it involves conveying the right image, having the ability to build a rapport and trust, and using the communication and people skills necessary to create a bond.

NEEDS -Trying to sign a new distributor up
who has no belief or need for or in your business will prove to be very frustrating at the least.  Match your opportunity to there needs, wants and desires, assessing their interest levels and feelings will require a superior ability to ask, listen and read beyond words.

HANDLING OBJECTIONS -Objections are a vary real part of the recruiting process.  Nine out of ten, the raising of an objection actually demonstrates interest in what you are presenting. Therefore, objections should be music to your ears, as involved people are interested people.

CLOSING Closing or signing a new distributor up is a learned skill. You reach this
point only by properly executing the other steps along the way. Then it takes your ability to sum it up, tie it all together, create the desire and ask for the sale.(3 way calls with your upline is critical in closing)

FOLLOW THROUGH – Since a lot of times
we do not accomplish signing up our new distributor on the first time, follow through
involves not only the act of reconnecting with the prospects, but it demands knowing how to prime, prepare and program the prospect for another encounter with you

Next you must develop a time management
system to be effective, not just efficient like the superwomen above.

By observing these special Super Women you can definitely start incorporating these
successful traits in your business and life.

How do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time.  Success is doing the simple disciplines over time not over night!

God Bless,

Your friend business partner

Joe Garcia