In my Network Marketing career it has led me to travel the world to more than 50 countries, meeting tens of thousands of interesting people, it has open my world to incredible personal development studying Great Teachers like Bob Proctor, Robert Anthony, Anthony Robbins, and  the Iconic Teachings of Jesus, Budda etc.. 

More importantly though it has crafted my Philosophy of life,  Philosophy of getting Results/Success.  Which is a great segway to this months blog, what is really the difference maker to your success in your business, to your life?  I really believe it comes down to your Energy Level!!!!

The higher you vibrate with your energy level (I am not talking about rah rah, I am talking about focusing on what you want, be happy, be respectful, think great thoughts, this raises your energy to the point where you make more money,
this is what essentially falling in Love with your DREAM is all about)

Money will flow to you easily and effortlessly.

But how
do you go about raising your energy?

In the graph below – 0% represents no energy and 100% represents
maximum energy.


If someone is at 0% energy, then they are dead not growing. Unfortunately, many
people are living  just above 0% energy.   How many Prospects have you talked to in the past that fit this level and that you are continuing to chase hoping they will join you in your business?

At the other end of the graph, 100% represents the highest positive
energy available.  As you move up the scale, you will have more of
the good things in life because you are vibrating and evolving at a
higher level and this only happens by

1 – Being ALL IN 100% Focus then determining what you want/crafting your Dream and then falling in LOVE with it,

2 – Surrounding yourself with the right people and

3 – Feeding your mind with greatness on a daily basis which
leads to greater thoughts and thus great actions and then it leads to greater results.

The higher up you move on the scale, the more easily you will be
able to attract great things into your life without it being blocked.

Your energy level not only attracts money into your life, it
attracts everything else, including other people. If you have a very
dense or low level of energy, you are going to manifest that same
energy you are projecting.  In other words, you will attract people
and relationships into your life that have the same low level, dense
energy.  Have you ever seen a depressed and negative person succeed long term.

Want more money please read and really pay attention to my words,
increase your vibration level you will make more money then you ever thought was
possible for yourself.  I look at our million dollar earners and very successful people
in other industry’s, you see a pattern of positive attitudes, positive action, positive emotions and thus positive results.

Negative attitudes, confrontational attitudes, fear, jealously, unhappy thoughts etc.. is what the masses focus on and thus the 
reason why they are stuck due to their focus,  consequently they are not moving forward and never will attract abundance and prosperity.  Recent research in Brain Science has found now 75% -98% of disease is caused by our Toxic habitual thoughts…  If that does not wake you up you might want to check your pulse….

Stop right here and think about this because it is a key point to
opening the flow of money into your life. When you fully 
understand this you will see the whole world differently.

We can sum it up this way
 – if you raise your energy level, you will raise your
income in your business I promise you.

How can I make that promise? Well in June 23 1993 I walked into a meeting room at the
Sheraton Hotel in the east end of Toronto, I watched a very successful man after his training, people gravitated to him
in droves,  just looking at him and watching him there was something different about him, these were my exact thoughts that day.

When I figured it out, I understood the secret to his success and all I did at the age of 25 I started to do the same,which led me to a life of great success, prosperity and abundance.

This gentlemen is my business partner today DAN CATTO www.Dan
who is a great example of what I am sharing in this Blog, he has had an incredible legacy of success.

It is that simple raise your vibrational level to get the results and the lifestyle you want.   I made the decision long ago, you can do the same and 2013 will be a defining point in your life like it was for me in 1993.


Joe Garcia