<strong>Earlier on in my NM career I started to observe people in a way that I had never done before.</strong> <strong>I felt it was very important for my personal growth and becoming the person that I wanted to be.</strong> <strong>So here is what I started noticing</strong> <strong>- have you ever notice the people who constantly … Read More “Observation”


As we just got into the last quarter of 2012 the one thing that you need to be asking yourself with regards to your business is “Do I want to make more money in 2013”. Well if you have your own business I hope the answer is yes. Well in the Network Marketing world what … Read More “Action”

Mental Toughness

This summer the world will be captivated by the stories of athletes who spent countless of hours and years for only 1 purpose to become a medalist in the Olympics. We all know unlike professional athletes they are not doing it for the money. So what really makes these athletes special, 2 words – Mental … Read More “Mental Toughness”

How to be a Leader

Developing leadership skills are most important in every aspect of your life, but especially in the industry of Network Marketing. It is no secret that average people do not make money in our industry and it is the same in the traditional business world. Developing your leadership skills will separate you from the masses. When … Read More “How to be a Leader”

Joe’s European Magazine interview transcript

I was recently interviewed by one of Europe’s top selling magazines Money/Profit Magazine which will be featured in their October issue. The following is the transcript from the interview. Enjoy!!! – Your company is successful, operating globally. What is the recipe how to do good business? Well this is a question that I certainly cannot … Read More “Joe’s European Magazine interview transcript”